Thursday, April 12, 2012

French Seaside Style: The Book that Inspired Us

French Seaside Style is the book which celebrates the enduring popularity of nautically inspired interiors, with a French twist... and inspired our Boutique

Azure blue skies and sparkling waves on the horizon are the perfect counterpoints to the bright and cheery interiors inspired by life at the seaside. Sun-drenched terraces are accessorized with nautical details including smooth bits of sea glass, rows of sand dollars, and miniature sailboats on the windowsill. 

Driftwood centerpieces remind us of the beauty and simplicity of nature. A collection of oars propped in a corner forms a rustic sculpture, and the wide stripes of the lounge chairs beckon, evoking the laid-back allure of warm weather. 

Stepping inside, the rooms are equally inviting with earth tones and bright touches, accessorized with the classically popular icons—anchors, buoys, lighthouses, seashells—that carry the theme throughout the home. Natural wood finishes set the tone and are the perfect complement to canvas-inspired upholstery and crisp linens in the fresh colors of summertime. Miniature vials of sand, each labeled with the date and location where they were collected, bring back memories of carefree holidays spent by the sea, while frosty gem-colored goblets cool us down even before the first sip of mint julep. The overall sense of these interiors creates a relaxed sense of well-being that feeds the soul. These interiors are brimming with inspiration for how to bring serenity and joy into any home.

French Seaside Style is a small coffee table book which features room designs inspired by the French...there is a European flavor to each room, but many of the interiors could fit into seaside dwellings around the globe.

This is a book that decorators and those that would like some ideas for nice seaside theme rooms will enjoy.

Sébastien Siraudeau’s photographs appear regularly in home-decoration magazines. He has published several works on travel and lifestyle in France, including Vintage French Interiors (2008), French Style at Home (2009), and French Country Style at Home (2010), all published by Flammarion

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  1. I am really impressed when i listened about the French Seaside Style.You have shred a nice and good home decoration idea.

  2. It's always so lovely when searching for something on Google and one of your favourite bloggers pops up!! Yup, I was just searching for this book on Google and up this post came!! Hooray!



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