Sunday, March 11, 2012

The French Country Bedroom

A Simple yet Elegant and Romantic Sanctuary

  • Start with a neutral palette in one tone and add colour with quilts, cushions and accessories.
  • Accessories can be candle holders, storage boxes, quirky porcelain figures, antique busts, mirrors and needless to in pretty antique vases. However, keep accessories minimal and do not clutter.
  • Lighting should be soft to give the room ambience. Wall chandeliers or a central chandelier, simple in style and perhaps dressed with prisms is a good choice.
  • Furniture in the French country bedroom should be simplistic, elegant and kept to a minimum, avoiding clutter. Mix old and new, but use old pieces that look loved and gently worn with age, not shabby and neglected.
  • Use the best bed linen you can afford to add luxury and comfort to your French bedroom decor.
  • Remember, rules are minimum for French Country, but do retain harmony and balance through careful choice of furniture and colour.

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